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Our dermal fillers in Melbourne offer exceptional service. Our doctors are certified, experienced and well up to date with the latest technologies, research on non-surgical and injectable treatment. Our clients have stayed loyal to us because we take time to educate you on the aspects, changes, things to consider on the wide range of cosmetic treatments offers in the market. All clients will receive a well-personalised treatment plan you are comfortable with from our doctors.

The secret to Natural Look

Dermal fillers, also market under the name of injectable fillers are defined as gels that are infused into the skin for facial beauty procedures. They’re intended to decrease the appearance of undesirable imperfections, contour and add volume to the face, and regenerate the skin. Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid (HA). The most interesting part about hyaluronic acid is a biologically active material in the human body. This hyaluronic acid acts as the key handler in transporting the nutrients and maintaining the water balance in the skin.


Immediate results

See results immediately after treatment.

Minimal risk

Less side-effects which disappears in few days.

No recovery time

This treatment doesn’t need recovery time.

Long-lasting results

Results can stay from months to even years.

How Dermal Fillers works?

Dermal Filler shots are a non-surgical method for reducing wrinkles while adding volume to depressed regions, softening the skin. This treatment delivers instant results that might last up to 18 months. It all depends on what type of substances are used in your dermal filler. With that said, the recommended treatment plan is usually set in infrequent intervals and given at a small amount. This allows the face to set in with the newly injectable HA and achieve a younger appearance on our face while looking natural.

Every individual face and body are different, hence the reaction to dermal fillers may vary too. To ensure you have the best effects from dermal fillers, our doctors in Melbourne will cultivate the treatment plan for you. Personalised dermal fillers are crucial. Before the treatment begins, our doctors need to understand the looks you want to achieve. Besides that, we take into account your budget and time. Then, we will propose the best-suited treatment plan for you. 

Get your Free Consultation at your Convenience

Is lockdown stopping you from knowing more about dermal fillers Melbourne treatment? Say no more. V Young provides the clients with the best consultation services that you will need to get the right information for your beauty and health. Aside from face-to-face consultations, you can call us or send us your inquiry. Our doctors are also available for virtual beauty and medical consultations. Your convenience is important to us. Let us know how you would like to receive your consultations, and our team will arrange everything for you.

Types of Dermal Fillers You should be Aware

Now that we know how dermal fillers help us in maintaining our young and good looks. It is important to know the ingredients used in dermal fillers. Here are some common dermal fillers available in the Melbourne dermal filler market: 

    1. Hyaluronic Acid: HA is considered a natural dermal filler because it can be found in our skin. The main function is to keep our skin moisturise and well lubricated. 
    2. Calcium Hydroxylapatite: CH has grown its popularity as an ingredient for dermal fillers recently. They are mostly used in the treatment of correcting the facial lines and the folds. 
    3. Polymethylmethacrylate: PMMA is a synthetic dermal filler and has been existed in the market for many years. This filler act as a stimulator for the skin to produce more collagen. The usage popularity has slowed down over the years as there are more effective ingredients. 
    4. Collagen: Just like HA, it is considered a natural ingredient. The benefits of using collagen are the result is more lasting. However, not every individual are suited for collagen dermal fillers as the risk of allergies is high.

The substance used for our dermal fillers varies depending on which area of the face are injected. Our faces consist of sensitive and non-sensitive areas. Our doctors will insect and select the right substance and ingredients to inject.

For dermal fillers Melbourne treatment we offer free consultations. Through these consultations, our doctors or nurses will provide their professional advice and recommendations. We will educate you on every aspect of this procedure or any other alternative recommended treatment for you. You can rest assure of your beauty with our team because we are here to build a long term relationship with you. 

Dermal Fillers Before and After Photos


What are some of the areas where dermal fillers would be used?

Dermal fillers usually focus on the face areas like cheeks, lips, chin crease, nose and mouth. Although, in some cases, we do apply to some parts of the body as well. It is very common to apply dermal fillers injection on the lip – making the appearance puffy and balance.

Under eyes which are known as tear through fillers, are very popular to reduce unwelcoming eyes bags. After the treatment, you will see an improvement in the shadows and wrinkles of the eyes when you smile. 

The cheeks are also a popular area to achieve firmness of the face – resulting in a younger facial appearance by lifting the cheeks. There are many other areas to improve your face wrinkles. Our doctors will advise accordingly.

How soon can I expect to see a result, as well as how long will it last?

Every individual varies. On average, the result can last from 6 to 18 months.

Have there been any dire impacts?

Every cosmetic procedure carries a certain amount of risk. The same goes for dermal fillers. The dire impacts of dermal fillers can be experiencing muscle weakness, face swallow and allergies. Hence it is important to have a professional consultation before undergoing this treatment.

What is the best dermal filler for cheeks?

Hyaluronic acid and polylactic acid both can be recommended for cheeks.

What should I expect after the dermal fillers treatment?

It is common to experience pain after the treatment. If the pain is excruciating our doctors will advise acetaminophen to reduce pain as necessary. Secondly, bruising may occur but it is expected to improve within a matter of hours. A simple topical icing will reduce the bruising.

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V Young Medical and Aesthetic Clinic is a group of passionate doctors and nurses that are here to provide the best care and dermal fillers Melbourne treatment you need. We are committed to delivering the best result within your budget. Have doubts about this cosmetic treatment, have a chat with our doctors and nurses, we will provide the information you need to know. The best part is it is complimentary and our clinic is only 5 minutes away from Melbourne Central.

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