We provide a wide range of cosmetic injection services


At Vyoung we have a wide range of cosmetic injection services offered at a reasonable price.

Do you want to remove those wrinkles and barely recognizable differences of your face? Our team of experts are here to help you eliminate the wrinkles of your face with our cosmetic injections.


Anti-Wrinkle Injection

Remove wrinkles and brow lines off your face in minutes with our anti-wrinkle injections.


Dermal Filler

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Fat Freezing

We offer the best fat-freezing treatment in Melbourne. It’s non-invasive and long-lasting.

Lip Filler

Looking for an expert to volumize and shape your lips. Book an appointment to talk to our expert team about lip fillers.

Restore your fresh & youthful appearance

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All of our patients are guaranteed excellent care by our extremely professional and highly experienced doctors. 

Accepted Insurance

*We also accept TAC and other industrial injury insurance.

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