Remove your unwanted tattoo’s

with Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Regret having a tattoo ? Don’t worry !

The laser tattoo removal process is much safer and less invasive than older, primitive treatments such as excision or salabrasion, which often left people with unsightly scars and extended periods of excessive pain.



FDA approved laser treatment.

Minimal recovery time

Recover in a few days

Remove any size tattoo's

Irrespective of whether it is large or small it can be removed.

No scarring

This treatment doesn’t affect your skin.

How it works?

The ultimate in Tattoo Removal

We utilize Medical Grade Lasers to securely focus on your undesirable tattoo with ultra short heartbeats of enhanced light. These beats of light are drawn to the color in your Tattoo which then, at that point separates and breaks the ink in your tattoo. These ink particles are then broken into little pieces which are overwhelmed by the bodies resistant cells and killed through the bodies squander pathways. Ink particles are securely and normally flushed out of your framework making the ink vanish. The ink particles are broken into minuscule pieces which are immersed by the bodies insusceptible cells and wiped out through the bodies squander pathways. Ink particles are securely and normally flushed out of your framework making the ink vanish.

Optimizing your results

We use the highest quality Medical Grade Lasers and all of our nurses and therapists are trained and experienced so you can be certain it’s as safe and effective as possible. However, some lightly pigmented colors such yellow and light hues do not respond as well to the procedure as others so are more difficult to remove.

Tattoo Removal FAQ

How Many Treatments of Laser tattoo removal are Needed?

Ideally 6-12 treatments, but may vary depending on the tattoo.

Is the treatment painful ?

The procedure can be painful, with most patients reporting a temporary discomfort, like an elastic band being snapped against the skin due to the short pulses of lasers being emitted.

Does the laser burn my skin ?

No. The laser tattoo removal treatment does not ‘burn’ the skin or the tattoo to effect removal.

Can I remove a part of my tattoo ?

Yes. We have helped many clients to remove parts of their tattoos that need to be replaced, re-worked or just removed.

Are there any side-effects ?

Not usually. The most common complication following laser tattoo removal treatment is an increase in natural skin pigment. This increased pigment in the skin only lasts a relatively short length of time, usually three months, before it disappears spontaneously.

The ultimate in Tattoo Removal

At Vyoung we know you deserve to be treated with the very best medical expertise. Our Medical Team is led by our very own Medical Director and a team of highly experienced Registered Nurses. Whether you are having cosmetic injectable treatments for the first time or not, you deserve to relax because you are taken care of by expert medical professionals who specialize in cosmetic injectables.

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