Prevent Hair loss

with Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

Do you want to prevent hair loss and maintain dense hair ?

Effective treatments for some types of hair loss are available. You might be able to reverse hair loss, or at least slow it. With some conditions, such as patchy hair loss (alopecia areata), hair may regrow without treatment within a year. Treatments for hair loss include medications and surgery.


Long Term Remedy

Results are long-term

Improve confidence

You get you missing confidence back


These treatments are cost-effective.

Less Recovery Time

Recovery time for this treatment is less.

How it works?

The ultimate in Hair Loss Treatment

PRP is the method used at Vyoung for Hair loss treatment. PRP is one of the most natural ways to plump up the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production. All that’s required is a few small vials of your blood, which will be placed in specially-designed tubes where it will be left to incubate.

Optimizing your results

Try not to wet your hair for no less than 3 hours after your treatment. Try not to utilize any hair items for something like 6 hours after your treatment. Stay away from saunas, steam rooms, swimming for 2 days after your treatment. Stay away from vivacious exercise, sun and warmth openness for somewhere around 2 days after your treatment.

Hair Loss Treatment FAQ

What results can you expect ?

Preventing Hair loss and long term results.

Is the treatment painful ?

No the treatment is not painful and the recovery time is less.

Are the results permanent ?

The results are long-term.

Are there any side-effects ?

There may be minor side effects like scalp irritation and itching in rare cases.

How much does it cost for this treatment?

Cost will depend based on the number of units of product needed to create the desired result. A quote will always be given at your initial consultation about hair loss treatment .

The ultimate in Hair Loss Treatment

At Vyoung we know you deserve to be treated with the very best medical expertise. Our Medical Team is led by our very own Medical Director and a team of highly experienced Registered Nurses. Whether you are having cosmetic injectable treatments for the first time or not, you deserve to relax because you are taken care of by expert medical professionals who specialize in cosmetic injectables.

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