24 hr Holter Monitoring & ECG

Monitor your heart rate and rhythm to look for an unusual sign

24hr Holter Monitoring & ECG

A Simplified Explanation

A Holter monitor is a small medical device that measures one’s heart activity. It is typically asked to wear when doctors need more data and information about the patient’s heart. It helps doctors to determine irregular heartbeats, if your body is reacting well to the prescribed medicine or the reason you are feeling fatigues or dizziness.

Medical doctor making ECG test in hospital. Medical Concept

How it works?

Once our doctors determined that the patient needs to wear a Holter monitor, they will provide and fit the medical device on your body – close to your heart. Then, you will be asked to go about your daily routine for up to 48 hours. Detailed instructions will be given during visitation. You will not be experiencing any pain throughout the whole process from the Holter monitor. If you do, it is very likely to be from your chest and cardiac.


Why Pick Vyoung to Monitor

It is always wise to visit a small clinic and get the right expert opinion before escalating your medical concerns to large hospitals and specialists. Our clinics have the same equipment and skill to monitor cardiac symptoms. There is no waiting line, all walk-ins are welcome and we have the same exact technology and device compare to all hospitals and clinics. The best part is – we charge way lesser compare to corporate and other franchise clinics because we are family-owned.

So why not us?

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