Cleanse Your Body

with Acupuncture


Restore your Qi (energy)

We live a fast past lifestyle. It is common to have bad energy or feeling tense from certain parts of your body. Acupuncture is a proven scientific method for pain and stress relief, even improving your health without drugs or surgery.


How it works?

Before dive into how it works, we need to know what is Qi exactly, Qi is known as the natural energy flow in your body. Ancient medicine believes when Qi is not flowing to the right part of the body correctly, it will result in sickness either physical or mental.

Before our trained and experienced acupuncturists begin the treatment, it will be very helpful to let the doctors know as detailed as possible to locate the right acupressure points and the treatment needed. Such as your lifestyle, daily habits, postures, exercise routine and more.

More than 10+ years of Experience

Other than experience, our clinics are well recognised for our acupuncture treatment. Our doctors undergo training frequently and are always up to date with the latest research. If you are unsure if acupuncture is the right treatment for you, consult our doctors. We will take into account your diagnosis, daily routine, any fears of needles and pain, and budget before making any decision.

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