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According to Australia Department of Health, only 1 in 13 adults are taking care of their food intake. Healthy eating means choosing the right foods and knowing how much to have. We strongly encourage this service to individuals that are facing obesity, pregnancy, heart problems, cancer or any other illness to explore more.

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How it works?

Nutrition is an important aspect of life yet many do not take it seriously until it’s took late. The saying of an apple a day keeps the doctors away. If we were to take the phrase literally, our doctors will disagree greatly because apple is only 1/5 of the food pyramid.

Our doctors will held a consultation with you to know your eating habits, likes and dislikes, allergies, eating schedule and medical history. Then they will study your food choices and create a diet plan and profile for you. Weekly progress will be followed and discuss until the goals are met.

Our Approach

At Vyoung, we treat your body like a temple. The utmost care are given to our clients. Knowing your body goals is imprtant, but knowing what your body needs is the the first priority. We are strongly against weight loss myth such as avoid carbs, calories deficit, skip meals, only home cook food and more. We ensure your diet plan do not involve any starvation.

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